Woman Empowerment is one of the most crucial aspects which need to be attained in order for society to be more progressive. In a nutshell, Women Empowerment broadly refers to power and independence given to women, and signifies the need for women to be treated fairly and equally without suffering discrimination.

In our country, women have been dominated and used by men for centuries due to the fact that they were the breadwinners of the family. Research indicates that a woman's issues was either focused on her reproductive role, or as her economic role as a worker. But are any of them focused on Empowering Women?

Empowering Women means giving them access to the same resources and education as men, as well as the authority. They should be able to live a happy and respectable life where they can access opportunities in a variety of fields. Simply put, Women creating and shaping society is one of the most fundamental steps towards Empowering them.

However, it is true that the Government has already come up with several schemes such as Beti Bacho Beti Padhao, Mahila-E-Haat, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojna, etc to empower women. But due to the vast size of the county, and lack of awareness and education, only a small fraction of the women are being able to access and avail these opportunities, while the backward portions of society have still not changed.

The most integral step to shape a better future, is to increase literary programmes and Education Facilities to educate as many people as possible. Quality Education will result in the increase in literacy level and spread awareness. Many parents of backward societies nowadays want to educate their daughters as equal as their sons. Though this is a start, focusing on Education can be highly beneficial to both society and country in the near future.

Women should also be given the ability and authority to make financial and economic decisions for the family by their society. They need to accept women as decision makers, and encourage women to make their own decisions without permission from the men.

With the advance of technology and awareness, the society and its thinking is also changing. More and more women are being educated, and are rapidly progressing in their various fields. But, the true meaning and goal for empowering women can only be achieved when gender equality will be eliminated. We need to consider women as men's equal and give equal opportunities, pay and respect to women. Then, and only then, will we do justice for women all over the world, and show the world the capabilities of a woman!

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