Everybody has heard of the biggest and most luxurious car manufacturing company globally, Roll-Royce. Among so many of its models, Rolls-Royce Coachbuild/Boat Tail is claimed to be the pinnacle of bespoke excellence. Moreover, the Boat Tail revives the operations after carrying on from the one-off Rolls-Royce Sweptail revealed in 2017. Rolls Royce has touched a whole new level of bespoke luxury with the Boat Tail. Three examples of the Boat Tail are hand-built with meticulous craftsmanship for three clients of the British marque. All three models will share a similar design, but each will be heavily bespoke for the esteemed clients.

The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail measures up to 5.9m and has a removable canopy roof. Despite the staggering length, this two plus two coupe hides its proportions well with a sleek flowing design. The front of the Boat Tail boasts Rolls-Royce's Pantheon grille that sleek LED DRLs flank, and the round headlights are positioned below. The black bolster on the hood originates from the grille and compliments the dark canopy roof. What if it rains? Well, like other Rolls-Royces, the Boat Tail does have a pair of umbrellas hidden in the door cards. Rolls-Royce does not talk much about the "fixed canopy roof" – which it looks like one has to stow manually – but does confirm the Boat Tail is supplied with a tonneau cover for "static transitory shelter". The side profile has smooth flowing lines, and it tapers off to the back - giving a Speedtail-like look.

The rear profile of the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail is said to be inspired by J-class yachts. In a blue hue whose specific nomenclature is known only to the client and Rolls-Royce, the first of the modern Boat Tails has a back deck that opens like butterfly wings to reveal small picnic tables and a parasol. "The idea was born of al fresco dining, lavish picnics, ambience. The idea of these butterfly wings, which are softly opening, was born by Alex [Innes], I must say, and that was very much loved by the clients immediately." Innes is the head of Rolls-Royce's Coachbuild program. What otherwise looks like two slabs of open-pore wood contains the hosting suite that automatically opens to the ideal serving angle. The suite boasts two refrigerators, two champagne tables, custom-made cutlery and crockery set, two bespoke carbon-fibre stools and a parasol extending to the very back. All these addons keeping the client's preferences in mind may vary in the other soon-to-be-unveiled models, meticulously designed. Those tapering, yacht-like lines, distinctly un-Rolls-Royce like, are rendered in hand-beaten aluminium, stretched over an aluminium spaceframe architecture.

The interiors of any Rolls-Royce are the benchmark for excellence, but the Boat Tail takes that to another level. The leather used on the inside reflects the hand-painted bonnet's colour tone. Front seats are draped in darker leather than that of the rear seat to emphasize the driver-focused intent of the Boat Tail. Open-pore wood is also applied on the lower part of the dashboard at 55 degrees with matching centre lines. Rolls Royce has also made changes to the 15-speaker bespoke audio system for the Boat Tail.

The heart of the Boat Tail is the 6.75-litre twin-turbo V12 that generates 565PS of power. The powertrain from the Phantom is carried over in the same tune. It is said to offer supreme levels of refinement and power delivery. While some of the parts are also taken from the Phantom, over 1,813 parts are entirely new.

Each car is unique in colouration, trim lines, interior flourishes, and specific requests. Other essential details may be familiar to those who already own bespoke Rolls-Royce coaches, for example, an aluminium-and-leather glove box sized to hold a special pen.

As a pièce de résistance, Rolls-Royce and Bovet 1822 developed two unique reversible his-and-her timepieces that can be worn or stored within the Boat Tail as its onboard clock.

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