Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution Of Our Times- Hong Kong Protest

Before we start with the Hong Kong Protest, let's look at the recent history of Hong Kong. The First Opium War fought between the Qing Dynasty of China and the British ended with a victory for the British. The Qing Dynasty were stipulated to cede the island of Hong Kong and thereafter, Hong Kong became a British Crown colony. During the Second World War, Japan occupied Hong Kong for a short period of time after which the British retracted the island. On July 1st, 1997, after a series of heated discussions and diplomatic tensions, between China and the British, An agreement was reached. Hong Kong was peaceably handed over to China, but under the following conditions implemented by the British:-

• Hong Kong is a part of the People's Republic of China, but it maintains legal and political systems distinct from those in mainland China until 2047.

• Hong Kong has a high degree of autonomy and maintains its own executive, legislative and judicial branches.

• The socialist system and policies are not to be practised in Hong Kong and the capitalist system and way of life before the handover remain until 2047. The common law, rules of equity, ordinances, subsidiary legislation and customary law that govern certain land rights in the New Territories that were in force before the handover are maintained, except for any that contravene the Basic Law and subject to any amendment by the legislature.

• Hong Kong shall enjoy a high degree of autonomy and comes directly under the Central People's Government.

• Private ownership of property is also a right protected in Hong Kong

England aspired the people of Hong Kong to be independent of China, and the Hongkongers are thankful for that. They are most certainly not looking forward to 2047. They wish to be untrammelled and unhampered with. And the Hongkongers realised that the only way to achieve this is by protesting against the Chinese Government, and so they did. Numerous protests occurred, but did not have a significant impact. It was until the 2019 extradition bill, that the Hongkongers felt thoroughly aggrieved. The bill would allow Hong Kong to detain and transfer people wanted in countries and territories with which it has no formal extradition agreements, including Taiwan and the Chinese mainland.

The law would allow virtually anyone in the city to be picked up and detained in mainland China, a country in which judges must follow the orders of the Communist Party. They fear the new law would target not just criminals but political activists as well. It was at this moment the people of Hong Kong became intolerant and began the “AntiExtradition Law Amendment Bill Movement” protest.

This was the single largest protest in Hong Kong history and imperilled China’s rule over Hong Kong. 2047 marks the end of the Hong Kings autonomy as we know it and the Hongkongers are striving relentlessly to stop this from happening and sooner or later they will succeed. After the dispute between them, China retracted the Extradition Bill, but this is just one step to acquiring independence.


The youth of Hong Kong are the dominant forces of the protest since, they are the most affected. Their future is under question. They must strive to save their homeland.

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