Is Internet/Technology making us dumb?

"Hey Google, turn off the lights"

"Hey Siri, call my father on speaker"

"Hey Alexa..what's the weather today?"

Internet along with various technologies have totally changed and is "reprogramming" our brains for the worse. It has reduced our concentration abilities, changed how our memory functions, and has even gone to the extent of hampering our social skills.

From getting directions, to take the effort to even read the newspaper, we humans have been starting to rely too much on the internet. So much in fact, that we forget or even never learn to do even the simplest of task.

For example, GPS devices cause our navigational skills to degrade slowly and gradually, and there’s increasing evidence for it. The problem with these devices are, that that don’t show or navigate in relation to what we actually see in our surroundings: We are relying on them to show the routes, when we have lived there for years. We humans are choosing Technology and Internet over our own brains!

IQ rates have been falling for a decade or so, which co-incidentally have matched with the rise of technology. Furthermore, the advent of technology has made humans believe that we can multitask, a skill many studies have continuously proven wrong over the years. Our functional IQ drops 10 points when we try to manage multiple functions together instead of focusing and satisfactorily completing one task at a time. Managing two or more tasks such as chatting with a friend, watching a video and writing a document all together not only destroys our ability to focus, but also greatly deteriorates our task's efficacy and productivity.

Moreover, several studies have revealed that the internet encourages superficial thinking as there is a direct answer to any and every question, instead of the logic and understanding behind it. People digitally reading information have been proved to skim over text and retain less information than what they require in comparison to old school methods. We don’t bother comprehending the ideas on a deeper level, and our thinking processes fall over time as the brain comprehends and stores not the content, but the relevant place to find the content. It also results in people being gullible to more susceptible to false information, as they generally skim over the text, instead of actually reading it.

In conclusion, We humans are digging our own grave. The internet touches and influences everything we do and as a result the fundamental way in which the brain is used to processing information is changing to adapt to the fast-paced, surface-level information of the Internet which is ultimately leading to our own and societies' detriment.

I believe Technology is progressing and will make several breakthroughs in the future. It has a lot to offer to man kind !

Thank you!

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