Internet & Social Media : A Transformation

The Internet, Social Media and Texting (an activity that requires cell phone

usage) are some of the greatest novelties of our time. As technological

wonders, these are ‘game changers’ in both peoples’ private and public lives.

State and local governments depend upon them to run smoothly. Moreover , they

have opened up new avenues for conducting commerce across continental

barriers and ocean bodies. By the same token, the widespread use of these

technologies has also caused many businesses to flourish.

Popular ISP initiatives like the Spectrum Double Play and Rhode Island Internet projects

deserve special mention in this respect. The Internet projects a virtual

reality all of its own. Its globally-spanning network connects computers with

each other, and in turn people. For many individuals, this reality has become

much more immediately accessible than what their mundane existence

off. On a purely psychological and emotional level, the real world is a scary

place. Full of people who seek to do you wrong along every turn. And then

there’s the element of a deep-rooted hypocrisy, which reeks from even those

people who are normally considered ‘well-meaning’. To top everything off,

there’s the fact of limited resources (that are fast depleting) paired off with

the concern of many mouths to feed. A situation which is also sometimes

referred to as the ‘economic problem’ in business school textbooks. The

‘internet-reality’ (as some scholars call it) has created a lot of distances,

while it has bridged others. In this regard, the popular influence of social

media is an area of special interest for many researchers. media platforms

like Facebook and Instagram are well-known, today, for creating ‘thought

bubbles’. These are imaginary and creative fields of fixed ideas; occupied by

people who become their staunch defenders. And who maintain an almost

religious devotion to their continued maintenance.

US President Barak Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin or Prime

Minister of India Narendra Modi; they are all active on social media platforms

like Facebook and Twitter. Aside these prominent figures such as film

personalities and sports person, industrialists and other men of stature are

also actively involved with different social media mediums. Social media is

meant for all irrespective of caste, creed , gender or denomination .

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