In today’s generation the most important thing in one’s life is a laptop and without a keyboard a laptop would be like a body without hands. A keyboard not just write letters and words for us it expresses out our emotions and if they could speak, I assure you that they could just win an entire war with words.

If keyboards spoke, they would tell us how harshly we press its buttons and hurt it and also they would annoy us all the time when we wake up whole night to complete our research. It would be like a friend to whom we can talk with whenever we want. Just imagine if keyboards would speak and we would take its interview on the basis of how fast can it type and what’s its processer. It would be like hiring a person for a job instead it’s a keyboard. A keyboard should also be well taken care of otherwise it could let people access our crucial information. I think we all have some sympathies towards our keyboards. A keyboard is the most needed part of our life. Like screen guards we should also make a keyboard protector. It has a bad point also that if it gets feeling then it might start a war and can lead to bad conclusions as “words tell us more than actions”.

Science is already ahead and it might in future be that keyboards could talk. It will be equally good and bad but it will be fun to use.

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