Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Technology, as is evident, has influenced every single thing a human can do. As mentioned in my previous article, internet is slowly making us "dumb" through various methods. What we must keep in mind while speaking about modern-day gadgets is the fact that it has expanded exponentially from a phone making only a simple call or message to now handling everything ranging from switching on lights to even scanning documents on the go!. Nowadays, leading teach-giant companies like apple and Samsung have created their own "ecosystems" which inter-connects devices creating their own environment that is extremely user-friendly. Electronic Gadgets has become the one and only possession that is needed to do literally almost anything.

As with all things, these gadgets have very negative cons along with its pros. Due to the insane levels of user-friendliness and adaptive technology, people are getting sucked in to this artificial "world" and are distancing themselves from reality. They start to rely so much on technology that it is not possible for them to spend even a day without it. This void eventually grows and becomes worse each time a person finds a new way to depend on these gadgets.

A Netflix short documentary, "The Social Dilemma", shows us the way how technology companies invent schemes to keep the user more engaged with the device and not leave it even for a second. An average person spends almost 30% of their day using their phones, watching TV, chatting with their friends, etc. To put this into perspective, a person uses their gadgets for approx. 2500 hours a year, the same amount of time a person sleeping a little more than 7 hours daily spends sleeping.

Due to the advancements in technology, studies have proven that a person picks up their phones 60 times a day due to the notifications that pop-up in a user's smartphone. For many people it becomes a bad habit of compulsive checking of their phones even if there is no message or notification or call. This greatly hinders a persons ability to focus during their productive time, be it at work or school.

I myself, have been sucked into this artificial word, due to online school, online studies, online classes and online games. Though it feels like we are socially connected with the world, we are fast progressing towards a day when a person wont be able to physically interact with another human being, as they wouldn’t to know what to say. We are all starting to experience this horrible change taking place, people sitting across a room will chat on their phones, but not physically interact or speak with them.

Modern-day gadgets have their cons, but their pros greatly outweigh their cons. They provide a platform to connect with people living on two different continents, two different customs. They have been the inspiration and driving force that has helped people survive the lockdown. When people couldn’t meet with each other, these gadgets did the impossible, and helped to build ties and keep in touch with relatives and friends.

The disadvantages are all human induced, and only occur when humans disrespect and misuse modern day technology. Just spending one hour less on the phone or computer, would help start "digital" detoxification to mitigate this "addiction". These gadgets hold a lot of potential and a lot of power, and if used correctly will go a long way in helping ensure better productivity, better socialization, better concentration, in essence, a better human.

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