David Beckham’s new car company

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

We all are aware of David Beckham, the great footballer scoring from the halfway line. That fateful red card against Argentina after booting Diego Simeone. A curling last-gasp free-kick against Greece. Winner of six Premier League titles, two FA Cups, one European Cup, one Intercontinental Cup and one FA Youth Cup in the space of 12 years, now owns a luxo electric start-up car company called “Lunaz. Well, he owns a 10% stake in the company!

For those who are not aware of this car company! “Lunaz”, was founded in 2019 by David Lorenz, a car company which meticulously converts and restores classic cars, making some mega ‘leccy cars’, from Sixties Rolls-Royce Phantom Vs and Silver Clouds to Jaguar XK120s and the fully electric 1961 Bentley Continental S2 Flying Spur. Adding to this, they have recently launched their latest addition of a Classic Range Rover. Its aim of making the most beautiful and celebrated cars in history, ready for the future. If one has a tidy sum then “Lunaz” is always happy to discuss something entirely bespoke. Nothing’s off the table! With Beckham as the investor, I’m sure the company will get to the next level.

In an interview Beckham said, and I quote “Lunaz represents the very best of British ingenuity in both technology and design, I was drawn to the company through their work restoring some of the most beautiful classic cars through upcycling and electrification.”

Therefore, the company will extend to heavy industrial vehicles and trucks. “Lunaz” is not some vanity project; the engines are designed, engineered and manufactured in house under the guidance of the triple Formula 1 world championship winner and an engineer, Jon Hilton.

Under the new banner, Lunaz Group, the company will now operate through three sub-brands. “Lunaz Design” will revive, re-engineer and convert special classic and collectable cars to battery-electric powertrains. While “Lunaz Applied Technologies” will upcycle and re-engineer specialist industrial fleet vehicles and converts them to the electric powertrain. Lastly, “Lunaz Powertrain” will provide modular electric engines for other carmakers, suppliers and independent automotive engineering businesses.

I think that it is a great step towards restoring and preserving the long-forgotten cars and making them ready for future generations to see. Right now it might seem to be worthless but with time it will be very successful in its field.

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