Can video games solve real life problems?

Speaking of video games, the first thought that comes to your mind is that video games are something harmful. But the positive aspect of it is ignored by many. According to numerous researches, it is now said that video games can help solve real life issues.

Simulation is something which all of us are familiar with. We simulate our toys from our childhood days. Video games are just a bigger platform to role play. Recently I had come across a game called Nationstates which I enjoyed a lot. It is a game where we can simulate governments and this is something which can help us to come with such creative political ideas in real life by comparing the political, economic and social situations of our own country and trying to prevent those problems from existing in our utopian world. Furthermore, in such games we come across many other players with whom we can share our views on the society of various countries over the world and thus it improves our thinking skill. This is just one of the numerous other games which help us to solve real life problems. If there is a certain game which deals with a real life issues, millions of people will play the game and come up with various different ideas of how to deal with the situation. Now, out of these million people there is definitely going to be one or more people who will come up with an innovative idea of solving the problem and in this way these very ideas can help us to solve the problems.

One must understand that games help us in many ways. For instance it allows us to concentrate on a certain problem and it also helps us to create a strong bond along with other gamers etc. All these can help us to solve real life issues. We can use games to create an utopian world where other problems exist.

Jane McCoginal, a creative game developer had created three games which could have helped solve real life issues. She had come up with games where gamers would face a situation where there is an oil crisis and gamers would have to simulate the game in such a way that they could survive. She also developed a game where humans had only 23 years to survive and gamers came up with around 500 creative ideas to solve the problem. In 2008, a game called Foldit was released where gamers were told to use their skills to find a protein which caused AIDS in monkeys and surprisingly the problem was solved within 10 days and this just proves the amount of dedication of gamers.

So we must understand that games are really helpful and it can actually help us to solve problems in real life. But we ourselves also need to choose which games to play and avoid ourselves from getting addicted to the game. If we cooperate with technology, then I am pretty sure that one day we would be living in a developed and advanced world.

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