Black Lives Matter is about the wrongful deaths of men and women of colour at the hands of police, of course. But that is only one aspect of what gave birth to those three powerful words. Black Lives Matter confronts the injustice suffered by communities of colour since the beginnings of our society and that continue today.

Police actions are the catalyst that led millions of people of all ages and races to take to the streets in protest. The killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown and so many others lit the spark, but these extreme offenses have such resonance because they reflect history and the daily reality for people of colour. People across the world are protesting in order to remove this discrimination against colour.

Black Lives Matter (BLM), international social movement, formed in the United States in 2013, dedicated to fighting racism and anti-Black violence, especially in the form of police brutality. The name Black Lives Matter signals condemnation of the unjust killings of Black people by police and the demand that society value the lives and humanity of Black people as much as it values the lives and humanity of white people.

Large protests of several deaths in the name of Black Lives Matter captured national and international attention. The BLM movement thereafter continued to play a prominent role in demonstrations against police brutality and racism.

The greatest example is considered of that of George Floyd. In 2020 George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, was pronounced dead after a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on Floyd’s neck for several minutes, despite Floyd’s repeated protests that he could not breathe. Wide circulation of a bystander’s video of Floyd’s last minutes triggered massive demonstrations in cities throughout the United States and across the globe. The tragedy swayed U.S. public opinion in favour of the Black Lives Matter movement while drawing wide attention to the problem of entrenched racism in American society.

The Black Lives Matter movement has many goals. BLM activists seek to draw attention to the many ways in which Black people are treated unfairly in society and the ways in which institutions, laws, and policies help to perpetuate that unfairness. The skin colour of a person doesn’t determine his or her qualities. The BLM movement has fought racism through such means as political action, letter writing campaigns, and nonviolent protests.

In conclusion the “Black lives matter” movement is a strong cause that will continue to get stronger and gain momentum. For all of the opposition this movement has met the alliance and agreement it has gained is times over. This political issue will not be hushed or downgraded. Many people of different cultures or backgrounds across the globe are working hard day and night to remove the hate against colour.


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