Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Nowadays computers have become a part of our family and they hold a very significant position in our life.It has become a necessity in several fields today. Nowadays our life is mostly dependent on computers.Artificial intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems to perform tasks with the help of human intelligence and discernment. It has brought a revolution in field of technology.

Some principles of artificial intelligence include that it should be socially beneficial and advantageous . Privacy and Security should not be compromised and moreover be accountable to people and should not create unfair bias.


MARKETING- It is used in marketing because it provides the user essential speed which is required. It uses data and customer profile so that the users can communicate easily with each other.

AGRICULTURE-It is used to detect pests, disease and poor plant growth. Farmers can analyze the weather conditions, water usage and condition of soil.

BANKING- Fraudulent activities can be detected to avoid frauds and scams.AI bots and digital payment advisors can create a high quality of service.

HEALTH CARE-It is used to analyze the relationships between prevention , treatment techniques and patient outcomes. AI programs are applied to practices such as making of medicines and patient monitoring and care.

In conclusion, Artificial intelligence has brought about a huge revolution in the history of mankind. It has made our life more convenient and will create more ease in the life of people.

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