Advertisements-Are they Good or Bad?

The word 'Advertisement' is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as "A public notice, especially one published in the press or broad-casted over the air." In today's world, advertisements has increased to such an extent that we cannot watch even a small YouTube Video without watching 5 different ads!

From the successful evolution of a company to keeping the demand of a product alive to influencing the arrival of new products, advertisements play a dominant role in our lives . Advertising campaigns, which are ever-adapting to the changes and needs of the users, use a plethora of various strategies, to build a sentimental relationship with the customer. This, in turn, makes customers more susceptible to purchasing the product of the company in the future.

Another important fact, which we must not neglect, is that the influence of ads are not limited to the above examples, but instead, if promoted through the right mediums, has enough potential to even start a revolution. From Business interests to our society and country, the field of advertisements is very wide and fruitful.

Advertisements have many advantages, and can be considered a boon to humankind. They are the main income source for public media and press, so much that the entire industry is virtually dependent on ads. Another obvious advantage is that Advertisements can be used as a means to spread awareness and education, as even the rural areas have access to some means of ads. With the help of ads, we get to know of different items and their qualities and easily compare them with products of other companies. It also makes it easier for potential customers to gather information and buy products which make their requirements. They even inspire people to display and their creativeness and show their skills and talent to the world.

As with all things, Advertisements too has its own sets of cons. The visual effects and information given in advertisements are often shown better than the original product, and so when people buy the product, they end up wasting their money as they were expecting something different. Moreover, the dangerous stunts, performed in controlled environments, inspire people to copy the stunts without safety not realizing the possibly of fatal wounds that could incur. Through advertisements, it is also common to see, that people buy items which they do not have the need for, and spend their hard-earned money is waste.

The above article proves to us that that advertisements have effects that can easily influence people, and can be used for almost anything. We must keep in mind that given the enormous use of advertisements, if people do not misuse and abuse the powers of ads, the world will progress faster, and can become a better place for all of us to live in!

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