A slight peek into the future : Do we change?

“Time never stops for anyone”

A proverb which we hear from our childhood but there’s more to it! Even the world never stops for one. It is the sour truth that we hide from ourselves.

The world is progressing and so is technology . Today , we are surrounded by gadgets and electronic devices but have you ever wondered that what will we be surrounded with in the future ? Possibly no and also yes but have you ever wanted to know your life after a decade in depth? The answer is a big no but some of you may even argue that why should we worry about our future , we must live in our present? Friends , understand that our future depends on us and it is important and valuable for us to know it! Humans are very finicky about their personal life , they had no phones initially , then humans developed telephone but when they saw that it wasn’t convenient to communicate with each other so they crossed boundaries and created a cell phone . The cell phone has had several transformations and has become a part of our day to day life! We can see the revolutionary change that has occurred . Have you ever thought that how difficult life can be without electronic device like a smart phone ? We know it today but people in the first decade of the 20th century didn’t . We have got to know one thing about humans – they switch from one to another very easily with time ! So do you think that will we switch from technology?

I know this doesn’t makes sense but it’s a question that is actually valid if we see the natural behavior of “humans” but this is not the truth. The entire world is moving ahead in the field of Technology and it is just not possible for technology to collapse since our future will be filled with AI powered machine like – Google mini , Apple’s siri , Google’s LaMDa , etc. Our future is just not limited to ANI ( Artificial Narrow Intelligence) which we see today but it will be full of Unsupervised Learning , new programming languages coming in and also AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) – AI which has the power to think like humans – yes I am talking about Robots!!! But do not get intimidated by it , the science fiction movies shown to us is completely supernatural and not at all knowledge-based like Iron Man , Ant-Man , etc. Well this is our future ( if we talk about our personal experience) . This is not all!! What about roads , cars ?

Image of a Solar Car

Yes , all our cars will not be running on petroleum or natural gas , it will be running on either solar energy or electric energy. I do agree that our life will become advanced and hence we must also indulge in this field because Technology is the field which lies ahead. Our roads might be built on air , underground . Hyperloop will be the fastest transportation then ! Do check that article too after reading this one!

Our world is moving ahead rapidly and this is good but might also lead to ecological crisis and we must not let that happen ! We will make our Earth green and colourful throughout we live !

One world ! Millions of Species but only we can bring a positive change to see our Earth in future which will be completely Technology based .

Thank you!!

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